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A special note from Business Development Director Peter Gregory

January 9, 2012

Happy New Year and Greetings from Orange County Business Accelerator!

If the number and quality of companies entering the Accelerator fold is an indication of overall improving commercial opportunity, then 2012 should be a great year. Leading up to year’s end, it seems many work-from-home entrepreneurs were harassed by the long series of foul weather that started the end of August with Tropical Storm Irene.

What does that have to do with the Accelerator success?

Well, I suspect the long and frequent power outages from Irene and the October snow storm were the tipping point for many entrepreneurs to approach the Accelerator to investigate our programs, both resident and associate.

We’ve recently welcomed Hudson Valley Brewery, ITS3, Sugar Websites and Parallel Media to our facility, and anticipate more announcements soon as we have a full pipeline of eager entrepreneurs applying to become clients. See all our clients’ profiles at


Important Entrepreneur Opportunity:

January has always been an important month to the Accelerator and this year is no different, as we prepare for the Tuesday, Jan. 17 Upstate Venture Association of New York (UVANY) meeting to be held at Homewood Suites on the Stewart Airport grounds.

This is the third January UVANY has shifted their meetings south to the Hudson Valley – perhaps in hopes of warmer weather than further upstate experiences? The Accelerator is pleased to be a continued sponsor of this important event that enriches the ecosystem of the Orange County startup business ecosystem.

UVANY’s Hudson Valley meeting (see to register) is headlined by speaker Brian Cohen, Chairman of the New York Angels. Brian is considered one of the fathers of science and technology strategic communications, having founded Technology Solutions, Inc. (TSI) in 1983. TSI’s client list read like an entrepreneurial who’s who list of startup technology companies in computing, communication, software, education and entertainment.

Let’s hope that our continued snow-lessness continues to avoid conflicts on the date of the event.  Come on out for this valuable business networking and educational event, and become part of the startup community.

And remember to keep up to date with our valuable seminar series by way of our events tab on the Accelerator website- this season’s list to appear shortly.

With warmest wishes for a great start of business in 2012,