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The Accelerator Triad of Start-up Tools

August 22, 2012

Looking to gear up as Summer 2012 winds down, there are three items specifically emphasized at the Orange County Business Accelerator that we use to help our entrepreneur clients to accelerate, which make our program so successful.

First, the business plan is an evergreen document, one that has at its core your explanation of how you are going to balance marketing, finance, and operations (value delivery). Show some excitement with the document, but avoid hyperbole. If you have writer’s aversion, or brainlock, relax and just try to tell your story with as much compelling evidence that supports your expectations of success. Would You believe You? We’ll help you put together an awesome plan that wins customers and financing.

Second, your website business system starts putting your business case on the line. This is your first chance to shout to the world who you are and why the world should care. Are you doing the right things to induce prospects to contact you or buy your product?  Remember, your website business system is dynamic – a set-and-forget site will hardly ever produce business success.

Third, the web infomercial, with you as the star, combines the best of your elevator speech, a longer-duration script, told with the support of rich media. We have been producing one- to five-minute infomercials to create buzz for your product or service.

These three start-up steps can assure you are on the right path to winning loyal clients. Expect to spend three to six months producing this combination, and expect to be working furiously to make them mesh comfortably with your prospect-audience’s hearts and minds.  The path to effectively combining these tools is not linear, you will find.  It takes great care to produce an intentional message that produces the expected reaction.

The end of summer is always a rush season at the Accelerator. We normally receive an influx of interest as students go back to school and there is a revived energy in getting your business profitable and sustainable by years end, almost like a set of mid-year resolutions!

Enjoy these final weeks of the summer and please watch for our calendar of seminars that take place almost every Thursday through the end of the year. We hope to see you up on the hill where we are situated, overlooking Stewart International Airport, and we look forward to assisting you with realizing your dreams. Remember, nobody leaves the Accelerator unimproved!