Another first for an OCBA client

What has been going on at the Accelerator for this, the 16th of May, 2012?

Well, as usual, SO MUCH is going on at the Accelerator every day.

Let me cover a late-breaking FIRST for one of our clients.

Peter Matos, President and Founder of Braided Oaks Distillery was just sharing with me that he has inaugurated an fundraising site ( see here for his latest progress.) A few minutes spent on the site and you will get the basics of the IndieGoGo fundraising premise, if you haven’t been to the site already.  I saw up-close in 3D and living color the very attractive hardwood walking stick offered on Peter’s IndieGoGo pledging page.  You’ll love the other merchandise Peter is using to solicit pledges to get his company off the ground.


Now, this is the first of OCBA clients to use this tool for raising capital from the cloud.

In rolling out a complete social media campaign, Peter launched his Facebook business page, as well, that coordinates Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and the IndieGoGo site.

Peter worked with us at OCBA over the last four months to refine his financial projections and put more “meat on the bones” of an already excellent business plan which he began under the Orange County Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Assistance Program.  At OCBA, we always work better with clients that have taken this 10-week, 20-class program that is so much more than the sum of its parts.  Give Cynthia Marsh-Croll a call at the Chamber to find our more about this program.

We’re looking forward to having Peter as a speaker during next season’s PopUp Knowledge Series to let us know how the campaign went.


I hope to see you at this Thursday’s 7:30 a.m. Popup Knowledge Series Seminar with Keith Studt, President of Independent Telecommunications Corporation, to sort out all the possibilities of the new age of the mobile workstyle:

1. “The Instant World”

2. Keeping in touch with your Customer – as well as your Office, and

3. Trends for the Future ???,


With Warmest Regards and Best Wishes for Your Success,


Peter Gregory



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