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Business Incubator of NYS a great resource for start-ups

May 22, 2012

Good Afternoon to you all on this, the 22nd of May, 2012.

Big Things were happening at the Business Incubator Association of NY (BIANYS) from their Annual Meeting last Friday that I attended at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus in downtown Buffalo.

First, David Hochman, Executive Director of BIANYS, tirelessly works every day to help business accelerators and incubators keep up with best practices.  Startup executives can do well to follow the constant news feed at the site, I recommend this site to start-ups for at least one very important reason – there is constant dialogue regarding funding sources.  Remember, you need a great plan to be funded, however.


BIANYS Executive Director David Hochman and Kelly Mooney-Lester, Esq, on JOBS Act and crowdfunding.


A big thing at the Annual Meeting was the topic of crowdfunding, especially with respect to the new JOBS Act, as we heard from Kelly Mooney Lester, Partner at Phillips Lytle. The JOBS Act, or Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, is legislation backed by both parties and signed by the President of the United States with the idea to enable funding for startup companies in the US – startup companies that are generally recognized as the breeding grounds of future jobs. The main idea is easing of restrictions on new companies to a) raise funds, and b) reporting and compliance items, like Sarbanes-Oxley.  Kelly’s message was that we should see continual advancement in the structure of crowdfunding on the internet, with many more portals and funding groups popping up as the body of law advances to allow easier access to online “collective” investment – a $1,000 at a time on the internet.

One of the most impressive features of the Annual meeting to me was the extensive involvement in startup creation and support by Thomas Mancuso.  Around the business incubation world, the Mancuso name is synonymous with the origins of structured help for early businesses. Thomas’ dad is the founder of the first business incubator in the country which was started only 45 minutes from Buffalo in Batavia, NY. Here’s a short description from the founder himself about how and why he created the first incubator. Thomas is still expanding the business incubator definition, 53 years after his dad inaugurated the world’s first recognized incubator.


B. Thomas Mancuso, speaking at the BIANYS Annual Meeting at the Buffalo-Niagara Medical Campus, Friday, 18 May 2012.


Thursday, 24 May, 2012 Popup Knowledge Series at noon

On a quick note about happenings at OCBA, this Thursday be sure to be here for the noon business seminar from Branding Maven Geri Mazur, who is coming in from NY City to help us get our arms, brains and hearts around just what is branding.  As the OCBA Center of Excellence in Marketing grows, branding will become a major theme for all companies, whether OCBA clients or companies from the Hudson Valley startup ecosystem that are using OCBA as a regional Best Practices Business Center.

I’ll also say a few words about the five individuals who visited US East coast yesterday for the purpose of exploring possibilities for partnership and locating their companies in USA sponsored by Ankara Economic Development Agency for the medical technology transfer program. Through a memorandum of understanding, OCBA is working with Dr. Guven Yalcintas to attract offshore companies to put their beachhead here at OCBA! Very exciting, indeed.


With Warmest Regards and Best Wishes for Your Success,

Peter Gregory


Another first for an OCBA client

May 16, 2012

What has been going on at the Accelerator for this, the 16th of May, 2012?

Well, as usual, SO MUCH is going on at the Accelerator every day.

Let me cover a late-breaking FIRST for one of our clients.

Peter Matos, President and Founder of Braided Oaks Distillery was just sharing with me that he has inaugurated an fundraising site ( see here for his latest progress.) A few minutes spent on the site and you will get the basics of the IndieGoGo fundraising premise, if you haven’t been to the site already.  I saw up-close in 3D and living color the very attractive hardwood walking stick offered on Peter’s IndieGoGo pledging page.  You’ll love the other merchandise Peter is using to solicit pledges to get his company off the ground.


Now, this is the first of OCBA clients to use this tool for raising capital from the cloud.

In rolling out a complete social media campaign, Peter launched his Facebook business page, as well, that coordinates Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and the IndieGoGo site.

Peter worked with us at OCBA over the last four months to refine his financial projections and put more “meat on the bones” of an already excellent business plan which he began under the Orange County Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Assistance Program.  At OCBA, we always work better with clients that have taken this 10-week, 20-class program that is so much more than the sum of its parts.  Give Cynthia Marsh-Croll a call at the Chamber to find our more about this program.

We’re looking forward to having Peter as a speaker during next season’s PopUp Knowledge Series to let us know how the campaign went.


I hope to see you at this Thursday’s 7:30 a.m. Popup Knowledge Series Seminar with Keith Studt, President of Independent Telecommunications Corporation, to sort out all the possibilities of the new age of the mobile workstyle:

1. “The Instant World”

2. Keeping in touch with your Customer – as well as your Office, and

3. Trends for the Future ???,


With Warmest Regards and Best Wishes for Your Success,


Peter Gregory


Another successful year at the NYC Xpo

May 7, 2012

Hello from OCBA Managing Director Peter Gregory on this Monday, 7th of May, 2012.

Well, with SO MUCH going on at the Accelerator every day, it is hard to compress all that is happening into a short blog. But here’s a try.

This week, see that OCBA uses its general proximity to NY City to spread the message that Orange County is Open for Business.

1.  NY XPO a Marketing and Advertising Success for OCBA

OCBA was the star performer in the Empire State Development Pavilion, at the 7th Annual NY XPO last Wednesday and Thursday at the Jacob Javits Center. Click the image to go to the event site.

This was an excellent opportunity for all growth-seeking business leaders to connect, collaborate and communicate at the largest and most profitable business to business convention in the Northeast! New York XPO is the only two day event of its kind that provides small & mid-market business owners with opportunities to GROW. This annual trade show brings together businesses of all sizes from across industries to advance America’s engine of economic growth – small business.

Sugar Websites Exhibiting with OCBA at the NY XPO on Wednesday and Thursday, 2-3 May 2012

Gerson and Judy Levitas, OCBA client 911 Family of Products, stopping by the OCBA booth

See Facebook for more pictures of exhibitors on the show floor.

How good is this event for business pitching and networking?

While demographics aren’t quite yet available for this 2012 event, please take a look at the November 2011 demographics of over 15,000 attendees to see who you could have reached by exhibiting at this event:

2. Upcoming OCBA Seminar for this Thursday, 10 May

Please join us this Thursday morning 10th May to meet Michael Durant, New York State Director of the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Mike is a return presenter who bears important news from his lobbying efforts in both Albany and DC. Come share your concerns as a business leader with Mike, as well as hear what the NFIB is up to in representing business-at-large interests.

3. More Events

Here is a snapshot of some Upcoming Events at the Accelerator – please, always refer to the OCBA Events Page on the website for latest info:

I hope to see you at this Thursday’s 7:30 a.m. Popup Knowledge Series Seminar with Mike Durant of National Federation of Independent Businesses,

With Warmest Regards and Best Wishes for Your Success,

Peter Gregory