Expos, seminars and more!

Hello from OCBA Managing Director Peter Gregory on this Monday, 23rd of April, 2012. I have a lot to cover in this extended blog, and offer some links to you, below, to important NY City companies and media outlets you may find it worth following.

1. I’m very excited that OCBA and two clients, Frugaldoo and 4e Productions, will be appearing next week on Wednesday and Thursday at the 7th Annual New York XPO. It is located at the Jacob Javits Center.

One of OCBA’s lead cards we play as an attractor to companies to select an Orange County site for their business is Orange County’s proximity to the NY market, and we’re going to take advantage of that in upcoming days!

I am pleased to mention that OCBA will be attending for the second time at NY XPO by way of invitation from Empire State Development in its Pavilion, a major NY XPO Sponsor.

See more about ESD at http://www.esd.ny.gov/.

OCBA client Frugaldoo will be a guest of ours at the OCBA booth, and client 4e Productions will be appearing as the guest of our neighbor and good business partner, the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation. We are expecting big wins for both companies – please wish them well in breaking into the NY City market!

From the show’s LinkedIn page:


Network with 10,000+ business owners and attend over 50+ SEMINARS all designed to build your business. Walk the show’s 200 EXHIBITS, identify the latest products & services to meet your competitive challenges, learn from the nation’s driving business leaders and energize your entrepreneurial spirit.”

With the expanded format of 2 days instead of one, the dates were changed from November to May – so OCBA has enjoyed the benefit of rapid coverage in barely half of a year.

The same event company runs events in Hartford and Boston, and once you have a chance to attend or exhibit at the NY XPO, you may find your business territory expansion needs may be satisfied by appearing at these other two venues.


Please give us a call at the OCBA office if you would like to coordinate making the trip to Jacob Javits Center on either Wednesday or Thursday next week – 845.220.2208.


2. Added Bonus this blog – Doing the hard work for you!

Below, I have inserted some web page links for some interesting NY XPO Sponsors I plan to meet with, myself, while at the XPO next week.  Use the links, yourself, to visit the websites of these companies and I encourage you to link via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or RSS feed:

Empire State Development (of course, our personal sponsor!)


New York Enterprise Report

Small Business Trends

Small Biz Technology

Social Media Examiner


Business Review USA


3. OCBA Seminar for this Thursday, 7:30a.m. is Liz Kallen, “How to do business with the Federal Government”.  Liz is very busy in our area explaining via her office, PTAC Procurement Technical Assistance Center, how to do business with the Federal Gov’t, State, County, and municipalities.

Liz’s office is very supportive of companies getting on the Request for Proposal target list for all these entities.  You must stop in to this seminar to gain understanding about the process of getting registered “in the system.”


Well, I hope you have enough good, new information to make it a fantastic week, and I look forward to seeing you at this Thursday’s event!  I look forward to hearing great accounts of your business successes, as well.


With Warmest Regards and Best Wishes for Your Success,

Peter Gregory



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