A Day of Improv at the Accelerator

Good Monday morning from Peter Gregory, Managing Director of the Orange County Business Accelerator.

Really pushing the edge of entrepreneurial training, this past Friday’s client pizza roundtable had Will Rodman, C(4e)O  of 4e Productions, Inc., and Kay Rubacek, professional voice-over artist, as well as OCBA client (CEO of Sugar Websites), performing a live rendition of 4e’s “Letters to Daddy” web-info-mercial to the 20 clients in the audience.

For six months now,  I have been working with Bruce Newman, CEO of The Productivity Institute and wwWebevents.com, to produce scripted and recorded sales pitches for several OCBA clients that clock in at around 3 minutes.  Three minutes is the peak amount of time that the targeted audience remains engaged by the medium and is then emotionally primed to respond to “the call to action” at the end of the video.  Beyond the business plans and website-based ” web business systems,” that we help develop with clients at the Accelerator, this 3-minute video format is an up-and-coming vehicle to quickly get highly focused messages to our clients’ desired markets.

By performing the “Letters to Daddyweb-info-mercial live, Will and Kay demonstrated the results of two month elapsed time of scripting and rehearsal that took place, with an investment of approximately 120 people-hours – all met with a hearty ovation from the client-audience as a testament to the hard work that went into the production of the video.

Great results, Will and Kay!

To view the completed web-info-mercial, watch the Accelerator Facebook page this week for its release.




2 Responses to “A Day of Improv at the Accelerator”

  1. Gerson Levitas Says:

    I’m an Associate Client of the OCBA and attending this very powerful
    meeting and presentation. Wow! If anyone hasn’t seen the actual production of “Letters to Daddy”, It is a must… Bullying is one of the toughist part of being a young person going to school today. Understanding and compassion…for differences between everyone can make the world a better place. “Letters to Daddy” is a wonderful way to show children and even adults, how important it is!
    Will, Kay and everyone connected to this production, great job!

    Thanks Peter for showing us the video………

  2. Gerson Levitas Says:

    I sometimes type to fast! Spell check doesn’t alway work when you are in a hurry..

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