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In business, location is everything

July 25, 2011

What stretches more than 500 miles down the East Coast from Massachusetts to Washington, D.C., has a population of 54.3 million and an economy of $2.2 trillion?



The BosWash corridor. Home to the second largest economy next to Tokyo. Home to an economy that is larger than most nations in the world.


What county in the Hudson Valley is strategically located at the center of it all?


Orange County: One of the fastest-growing counties in New York State. Home of the most business-friendly, proactive county government and industrial development agency in the Northeast.


So, what are you waiting for? If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a business, you NEED to be here!

The Accelerator has been a driving force for early-stage innovators from around the country. So far, more than a baker’s dozen have realized the competitive advantage we offer start-ups and we continue to yield inquiries from other mega-regions in the United States. These regions, traditionally strong in high-tech fields, such as biotech and alternative energy, have been losing ground due to the growing business opportunities here in the BosWash corridor.

Our strategic geographic location has allowed us to benefit greatly from this migration. We are optimistic that more early-stage innovators will germinate, grow and prosper at the Intersection of Capital, Talent…and Innovation.

When it comes to web sites, technology is key

July 18, 2011

Every month, we take a look at our website and think about how we can better feed our blogs and news releases to viewers, how we can further promote Orange County as the geographic center of the BosWash Corridor, or, more generally speaking, how we can better market what the Accelerator offers its early-stage innovators.

Recently, we felt like it was time for a facelift and added a few new gadgets that we and our marketing partners at Focus Media would recommend:


Linkable Slideshow

This is an excellent way to show off your latest news, whether it be new equipment at your doctor’s office, a new hire you would like to introduce, or even photos from a recent event. This is a great call to action that could drive viewers to other pages on your website, blogs, Facebook and other informational online venues.



Facebook News Feed Box

Until recently, the best way Facebook made your fan page available was a button that led clickers to your Facebook page. Although directing website viewers to your page is the ultimate goal, readers can now get an abstract of your page with a news feed box. The best part is that it automatically updates with your latest posts!



Blog & News Release Feed Boxes

Other social media websites, such as WordPress, also provide website coding that allows you to duplicate posts on your own website through similar means as the Facebook news feed. You can customize the look and feel of the feed boxes, while the automatic feed randomly checks for updates.



These three elements have brought an innovative, desirable spin to our website. They’ve enabled us to bring the most updated information to our viewers in real time, while using the latest in creative online trends. In this age of technology, you have to be in the passing lane, or you will get caught cruising in the slow lane throughout the trip.

Have questions… or answers?  Always feel free to call me direct on my cell at 845.541.2888  and or email me

And, as always, we welcome you to stop in at the Intersection of Capital, Talent…and Innovation to find more ways to Innovate, Motivate, and Accelerate your business!



Orange County Business Accelerator Signs Synergy Development as Newest Associate Client

July 11, 2011

New Windsor, N.Y. – July 11, 2011 – Orange County Business Accelerator is proud to announce its newest associate client, Synergy Development, LLC.

“The Accelerator continues to harness the innovative minds of the Hudson Valley here in our New Windsor headquarters,” said Orange County Business Accelerator Managing Director Michael DiTullo. “Ruben Estrada, the local company’s owner, has been attending our seminars for several months now and has realized the competitive advantage the Accelerator offers. We’re proud to make him a part of the Accelerator family.”

“Synergy Development, LLC is grateful to the Accelerator for offering its entrepreneurial assistance,” said Estrada. “LED lighting is the wave of the future and we’re working to bring that message to Orange County, the Hudson Valley and beyond.”

Synergy Development principal owner Ruben Estrada, left, and OCBA Enterprise Development Director Peter Gregory show off the LED lighting distributor’s state-of-the-art Pharox LED light bulb at the Accelerator’s offices in New Windsor, N.Y.

Estrada recently launched Synergy Development LLC, a Latino and minority owned and operated business, to help meet a strong demand for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly products. LED lighting has been a growing industry over the past few years, given the demand for low-cost, efficient alternative lighting in homes and businesses.

From energy smart light bulbs to fixtures for both residential and commercial settings, Synergy Development, LLC is the authorized dealer of Pharox lighting products including the dimmable LED Pharox 300 and Pharox Flame 300. Both bulbs replace traditional incandescent 60W bulbs, utilizing only 6 watts and realizing major annual savings. Additionally, these state-of-the-art LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 25 years-plus.

For further information, contact Ruben Estrada at (845)537-1307 or

The Accelerator also recently signed electronic identification firm 911 Family of Products.

911 Family of Products includes the 911 Medical ID™ Card and Medallion, a life-saving electronic device that carries a wide variety of critical medical identification information that speeds treatment in many scenarios including emergency accident site treatment. The company offers a variation for pets or property and one for financial records is currently in the development phase. Though the technology is built for the individual, the cards can be a successful benefits tool for Human Resource departments and small business owners to offer employees.

For more information on 911 Family of Products, visit or call (845) 343-0091.

The Accelerator currently boasts 17 clients and tenants, employing more than 50 people at its 4 London Ave., New Windsor, N.Y., office. These early-stage startups have the potential to create between 350 and 500 jobs in Orange County in the next five years.

OCBA, located at 4 London Avenue in New Windsor, N.Y. at Stewart International Airport, is a business incubator program launched by the Orange County Industrial Development Agency (IDA). The incubator, 10,000 square feet of Class A high-tech research and development space, is designed to attract new entrepreneurial investment by providing businesses with below market occupancy costs, a menu of mentoring programs and a high-tech plug-and-play office environment. For more information, please visit     

Gillibrand chooses the Accelerator as host for key high-tech job creation initiative launch

July 10, 2011

Many public officials on numerous levels, from municipal to federal, have realized the benefits of the Accelerator and have visited our New Windsor facility to see just what the buzz is all about.

Last week, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand joined the ranks.


The Senator appropriately chose the Accelerator as host to announce her Made in America competitive grant program to help retool struggling manufacturers for the fields of advanced and high-tech manufacturing. Senator Gillibrand’s plan also features proactive plans for clean energy technology, and leverages more private investment into New York’s manufacturing hubs that have been hit hardest with job losses.

The event also drew praise of the Accelerator from Orange County Executive Edward Diana and a plea from Accelerator client Mike Finnegan, co-founder of Continental Organics, for the Senator to investigate the federal redefinition of the term “manufacturer” to include businesses such as his, an aquaponics operation.

According to the Senator, New York State lost more than 123,000 manufacturing jobs from 2005 to 2010. Despite this startling statistic, advanced and high-tech manufacturing is thriving in New York, with computer and electronic manufacturing jobs increasing by 9 percent from 2004 to 2008.

The Accelerator is poised to take advantage of this landmark grant program. With a focus on nimble, high-tech firms, we are ready to usher in the next era of manufacturing technology and truly reinstate New York’s illustrious designation as the Empire State.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Facebook page for full media coverage on the event. Also noteworthy:  event promos from the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and NPR helped drive attendance, proving the power of leveraging the media to help get out the Accelerator’s good word!

The Orange County IDA, through the Accelerator and its clients, is working hard to bring real jobs, real close to home. It is a blessing to have such support on the federal level in helping us, and other economic development agencies across the country, achieve this goal. We congratulate and commend Sen. Gillibrand on her efforts to bring high-tech manufacturing back to the United States!