This week’s Entrepreneur Knowledge Series event wraps up first full season

In September 2010, the Entrepreneur Knowledge Series came back from a summer off to bring you a discussion on how small businesses can incorporate human resources into their business plan for a more productive and satisfied staff and desirable work environment. That event launched an iconic event season at the Accelerator that educated more than 2,000 business owners, public officials and nonprofits from around the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Some of the most memorable events were from our Web Makeover Mini-Series, which featured a variety of speakers from web design and advertising companies across the Hudson Valley, including Focus Media, our marketing and public relations partner, BBG&G Advertising and Media Vision Advertising.

Focus Media President and CEO Josh Sommers and S.V.P. Bill Madden talk Branding at a Web Makeover Mini-Series event in April.

 Due to increasing demand for more educational events, this season also spawned two new speaker series: Pop-Up Knowledge Series and Service Provider Series. The Pop-Up Knowledge Series targeted the business owner who was too busy during the daytime to attend our traditional Entrepreneur Knowledge Series events- someone who was in a better position for breakfast. The Service Provider Series allowed service industry firms a chance to show off their products and services.

The Alternative Board, a nonprofit organization that offers strategic planning and business coaching, presents at the first Service Provider Series event in October 2010.

Small Business Lending. Social Media. Business Coaching. Raising Capital. Online Tools Management. Business Resources. Avoiding Common Business Mistakes. The list of great topics covered here in the last nine months goes on…

So, here we are, 40 programs-plus later. Ready for the season finale?

This Wednesday, June 22, the Accelerator is bringing you “Banking Solutions for Early- and Small-Business Banking Needs” with David Cocks and Michael Bulgia of Walden Savings Bank. The speakers will outline services Walden Savings Bank offers to small businesses that help organize and coordinate banking resources, while continuing to run a successful business.

(You can register here for the season finale!)

As we continue to grow with new programs and events, we also continue to grow our client base. Recently we announced the addition of 911 Family of Products to our Associate Client ranks and we will shortly announce another.

Congrats to all of our clients for working hard toward creating real jobs, real close to home! And many thanks to Enterprise Development Director Peter Gregory for organizing the series and implementing an aggressive, market-driven, and informative line-up of heavy hitters!

Hope to see you Wednesday!

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