Current Accelerator client list a reflection of hard work and dedication year-round


The graphic says it all.

When Orange County IDA Chairman Jim Petro, Attorney Phil Crotty and Executive Director James O’Donnell realized the benefits of a business accelerator, creating real jobs, real close to home was their number one priority since Day One.

Enterprise Development Director Peter Gregory and Client Services Specialist Kelly Reilly work tirelessly to help our clients improve their day-to-day operations and raise the bar for their long-term goals, and the fact that we now have 13 clients and tenants at the Accelerator is a testament to their dedication to the cause.

Among the Accelerator, its tenants and its clients, 43 high-tech jobs have been created on the first floor at 4 London Avenue in New Windsor, N.Y. That’s 43 people who are deploying their professional skills to help early-stage start-ups in Orange County flourish. These innovative firms could one day employ up to 400 professionals.

We don’t call ourselves the Intersection of Capital, Talent…and Innovation for nothing. Here, our clients have access to the greatest minds in Orange County, early-stage start-up capital and a host of high-tech technologies.

Remember… We are in business for your business. Maybe one day your logo will takes its place in our circle of innovation.

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