Accelerating your marketing and public relations efforts

The Accelerator has remained proactive in its marketing and public relations efforts since Day One – a philosophy that has yielded tremendous results in our first year of operation. We are nearing capacity with 12 early-stage innovators and have filled our co-working suite with nearly a half-dozen associate clients. These companies currently employ nearly 40 workers inside the Accelerator, with projections of 250-300 upon graduation.

From our grand opening in October 2010 to announcing our latest resident clients Array Optronix and Frugaldoo, reaching out to our publics – the media, the community, public officials, potential clients – has been a top priority. Engaging and educating our publics (used in the plural form because there are multiple groups to which we target our messaging) on a consistent basis with information on topics such as new clients, new programs, or visits from our supporting public officials, is just as important as paid advertising in the grand scheme of things.

Just take a look at this collage of news articles below that have been prompted by strong public relations…

Media advertising has also been a great tool in the Accelerator’s toolbox. Last year, the Accelerator placed advertisements announcing our grand opening to attract interested parties. Throughout the year, the Accelerator has placed numerous ads in local and regional media to court innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

Most recently, the Accelerator has begun a more targeted advertising campaign in regional airports in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas. We’ve placed oversized scrolling displays at Westchester County Airport and Albany International Airport, and a digital display in the terminal at Stewart International Airport. Together, the three airports service nearly 4 million passengers on a yearly basis.

This scrolling display sits at the terminal inside Albany International Airport- just one of three advertisements placed at major regional airports in and around the Hudson Valley this year.

An integrated marketing and public relations campaign has proven to be a great asset to the Accelerator over the past year. With much thanks to our marketing and public relations partners at Focus Media, and the dedication team at the Orange County IDA, the sky’s the limit!

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