Accelerator turning up the heat this summer

While most companies are winding down at the end of the spring into the summer months, the Accelerator has been putting the pedal to the metal.

With last week’s announcement of optoelectronics company Array Optronix as its newest resident client, and the potential for two or three new associate clients before the end of Q3, the Accelerator is poised to have between eight and 12 more people working within its walls, bringing the total to as many as 32 employees under its roof. Projected employment for these companies following three years of mentoring at the Accelerator show yields of more than 300 high-pay, high-tech jobs for Orange County.

As you can see from the above photo, our clientele is growing fast. Innovators and entrepreneurs with big ideas are bringing their plans to the Accelerator for guidance and access to its variety of support mechanisms. Be sure to visit for more information on our clients and a copy of our first newsletter, The Innovator.

The summer is just getting started and the Accelerator doesn’t show any signs of cooling off. Let the entrepreneurial thermometer keep on rising!

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