Accelerator’s newsletter helping to spread the word across Orange County

We have long been anticipating the release of an informative newsletter for entrepreneurs – one that praises unorthodox and innovative thinking and offers a breath of fresh air for early-stage innovators looking for ways to grow their business. Now they have one. It’s called The Innovator.

Hitting the desks of businesses, nonprofits and public agencies throughout Orange County and beyond in the upcoming weeks, The Innovator cover story is one of determination and dedication, telling the story of the Accelerator came to be, dating back to 2006.

The newsletter speaks of the success of our Entrepreneur Knowledge Series. If you haven’t heard of this monthly education series that is open to all interested parties, then now is the time to read up on how we have educated over 400 members of the public and private sectors on hot business development topics like social media, cloud computing and corporate sustainability.

Phase II expansion nine months ahead of schedule and an overview of the assets the Accelerator offers its clients wrap up the informative biannual newsletter. Those interested may view the newsletter straight from our homepage at

We encourage you to read The Innovator and learn more on how you may “Get the Advantage at the Accelerator.”

And remember… We’re in business for your business!

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