Goooooood morning, Orange County!

The airwaves in Orange County have been buzzing with the sounds of entrepreneurship and innovation the past two weeks as the Accelerator has been taking advantage of the great marketing opportunity radio still provides. 

Appearances on WGNY in New Windsor, with host Van Ritshie, and WTBQ in Warwick, with host Jeff Berkman, have provided for enlightening discussions on business and marketing in Orange County, as well as a great time to chat with friends about the ‘good old days’ growing up in the Hudson Valley.

Many of us who were raised here have seen the region, and Orange County, evolve on so many different levels. The population growth has spawned an era of economic development and entrepreneurship. An increased media presence has allowed for new venues for businesses to increase reach and exposure.

Though it is important to recognize the realm of marketing is always changing, traditional media, such as radio, is still a great way to interact with residents and, in this case, commuters in your immediate geographic area. One or more of those listeners could be your next client or other party interested in your business.

Once again, we’d like to thank WGNY and WTBQ for having us, and helping us spread our message of entrepreneurship and innovation! Also, a big thanks to those who called in to the shows, as they brought a wealth of knowledge to the conversations, as well. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for photos of the appearances.

Have a glorious 4th of July Weekend!   

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