The Accelerator takes its show on the road

Since October of last year, the Accelerator has executed a successful marketing plan to advertise its client services and introduced the Entrepreneur Knowledge Series to the public and private sectors as a way of reaching out to the community. Now the Accelerator has taken its show on the road, delivering its message to organizations, clubs and agencies across the Hudson Valley.

Most recently, Enterprise Development Director Peter Gregory and I had the pleasure of addressing the support staff at Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP in Newburgh, N.Y. Principal Gerald Jacobowitz, a longtime friend of mine and supporter of the Accelerator, invited us to share with attendees an overview of our services and future plans at the Accelerator. They have attended many of our Entrepreneur Knowledge Series seminars and those interactions have led to this occasion.

There was a great exchange of innovative ideas and an attraction between us and the business community in attendance. The event was engaging, as it was not only an opportunity to educate the community about the Accelerator, but also a chance for us to learn about the community’s needs.

Opportunities like this allow us to take part in transitional innovation – the process by which ideas turn into research and then take shape in the form of a practical application. Interactions like these help us help you.

If you’d like to become a part of this communicative opportunity, please contact us. We’d be glad to visit and engage in innovative conversation.

And remember… We are in business for your business!

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