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Goooooood morning, Orange County!

June 28, 2010

The airwaves in Orange County have been buzzing with the sounds of entrepreneurship and innovation the past two weeks as the Accelerator has been taking advantage of the great marketing opportunity radio still provides. 

Appearances on WGNY in New Windsor, with host Van Ritshie, and WTBQ in Warwick, with host Jeff Berkman, have provided for enlightening discussions on business and marketing in Orange County, as well as a great time to chat with friends about the ‘good old days’ growing up in the Hudson Valley.

Many of us who were raised here have seen the region, and Orange County, evolve on so many different levels. The population growth has spawned an era of economic development and entrepreneurship. An increased media presence has allowed for new venues for businesses to increase reach and exposure.

Though it is important to recognize the realm of marketing is always changing, traditional media, such as radio, is still a great way to interact with residents and, in this case, commuters in your immediate geographic area. One or more of those listeners could be your next client or other party interested in your business.

Once again, we’d like to thank WGNY and WTBQ for having us, and helping us spread our message of entrepreneurship and innovation! Also, a big thanks to those who called in to the shows, as they brought a wealth of knowledge to the conversations, as well. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for photos of the appearances.

Have a glorious 4th of July Weekend!   

Orange County Business Accelerator Hosts Small Business Lending Seminar

June 24, 2010

Mid-Hudson Small Business Development Center Director Arnaldo Sehwerert speaks to a group of interested businessmen and women regarding small business lending and other best business practices Wednesday, June 23 at Orange County Business Accelerator.

From L to R: OCBA Enterprise Development Director Peter Gregory, Marketing Works Exec. Officer Catherine Gunick and President Marshall Mermell, Mid-Hudson SBDC Dir. Arnaldo Sehwerert and Weisman Success Resources Pres. Skip Weisman.

The Accelerator encouraging stronger venture capital legislation

June 21, 2010

Hello, everyone! Peter Gregory checking in to give an update on the Accelerator’s latest travels.

This past week, we visited New York City to take part in the Business Incubator Association of New York State (BIANYS) annual meeting at NYU-Poly in Brooklyn. David Hochman, Executive Director of BIANYS, and a perennial advocate for venture business, arranged speakers and panelists this year that painted a picture of the status of venture business in New York State. I met with numerous incubator directors and toured the 160 Varick Street incubator with Executive Director Bruce Niswander, in Manhattan’s SOHO district, that was literally buzzing with energy even late on a Friday afternoon.

Bruce Niswander, director, Office of Innovation Development and Centers for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer at BEST Incubator, NYU-Poly.NYU Polytech, 160 Varick Street, SOHO, Manhattan location – 17,000 sq feet of buzzing venture space!

NYU Polytech, 160 Varick Street, SOHO, Manhattan location – 17,000 sq feet of buzzing venture space!

The highlighted event of the annual meeting was a panel representating Empire State Development, New York State Economic Development Council, and Phillips Lytle LLP Capital Group. Discussion included outlook on Venture Capital in New York State, the competitive nature within the current venture incubation ecosystem in the Northeast and proposed legislation at the State level for new investment constructs to promote venture investment. Check out Martin Babinec’s and Nasir Ali’s new Upstate Venture Connect website – – a site and a force for promoting innovative entrepreneurialism in NY State.

Panel Speakers with Bruce Niswander as moderator (right), Jerry M. Hultin, president of the Polytechnic Institute of NYU at podium.

We need to keep our eyes on Albany and let them know the importance of venture capital in a time when entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. We encourage the entire business community to make a statement and contact their local representatives in Albany, as well as in Washington DC. Entrepreneurial innovators need to let them know how important venture capital is in your business, and how more progressive legislation could help you grow.  

The Accelerator benefited greatly from this meeting as we broadened the base of contacts in the state startup ecosystem and learned about recent programs and initiatives that help accelerators/incubator clients. It was to also see long-time associates to keep abreast of the diverse incubation ecosystem existing in NY State. But the work doesn’t stop here. Help us help you grow your business! Keep your eye out for coming events and seminars at the Orange County Business Accelerator by becoming a fan of our Facebook page.

Small Business Lending the Hot Topic at June Seminar

June 15, 2010

New Windsor, N.Y. – June 15, 2010 – Small business lending is the hot topic at this month’s Orange County Business Accelerator (OCBA) Entrepreneur Knowledge Series event.

On Wednesday, June 23, the Accelerator will offer advice on finances, lending and more for small businesses at its offices at 4 London Ave. in New Windsor, N.Y. The guest speaker, Mid-Hudson Small Business Development Center Director Arnaldo Sehwerert, will discuss lending and other best business practices for small businesses across the Hudson Valley.

The event will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; lunch will be served. Cost is $10 per person and includes a tour of the Accelerator. College students are FREE.

The Accelerator invites small business owners, entrepreneurs and others in the business community involved in the financial world to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

OCBA Enterprise Development Director Peter J. Gregory said, “As the growing business community in Orange County and the Hudson Valley looks to bounce back during this economic climate, it is crucial that organizations like the Accelerator provide a foundation for important issues such as lending, marketing and other small business development topics at a time when businesses need it most. Without proper direction, entrepreneurs will not be able to move forward.”

Sehwerert added, “The Mid-Hudson Small Business Development Center offers many products that help small businesses adapt to market trends, obtain feasible capital, create effective marketing plans, and more. Attendees at the Accelerator’s event on June 23 will learn what it takes to get back to basics, and achieve their true potential.”

The Entrepreneur Knowledge Series has proven to be a great asset to businesses around the Hudson Valley and surrounding regions. Scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of every month, the events have helped educate public officials, planning board members and business owners on the latest business development technologies and tactics. Previous topics include corporate sustainability, patents, clean energy, cloud computing and social media.

The Accelerator goes ‘on the air’

June 14, 2010

With the addition of its marketing plan, social media and its monthly education seminars, the Accelerator’s outreach efforts are greater than ever. Over the next few weeks, we will further extend those efforts in entertaining the likes of radio listeners around Orange County when we take our message to the airwaves.

On Thursday, June 17, I’ll be coming to you LIVE from WGNY studios in New Windsor, where morning show host Van Ritshie and I will be talking business bright and early from 7-8 a.m. We’ll discuss the Accelerator’s recent newsletter, the Entrepreneur Knowledge Series (our monthly education seminars), the state of business accelerators around the nation, and more.

The following Wednesday, June 23, we’ll be appearing on WTBQ 99.1 FM and 1110 AM as guests on Jeff Berkman’s WTBQ Roundtable from 9-10 a.m. at their studios in Warwick.

The Accelerator’s outreach efforts have yielded more than 70 inquiries from early-stage innovators across the nation and have led to agreements with seven companies that currently staff nearly two dozen employees at the Accelerator. Not to mention negotiations with two or three more entrepreneurs are in the works, further proving our outreach efforts are a success.

Be sure to tune in to hear more about the Intersection of Capital, Talent…and Innovation.

The Accelerator takes its show on the road

June 7, 2010

Since October of last year, the Accelerator has executed a successful marketing plan to advertise its client services and introduced the Entrepreneur Knowledge Series to the public and private sectors as a way of reaching out to the community. Now the Accelerator has taken its show on the road, delivering its message to organizations, clubs and agencies across the Hudson Valley.

Most recently, Enterprise Development Director Peter Gregory and I had the pleasure of addressing the support staff at Jacobowitz and Gubits, LLP in Newburgh, N.Y. Principal Gerald Jacobowitz, a longtime friend of mine and supporter of the Accelerator, invited us to share with attendees an overview of our services and future plans at the Accelerator. They have attended many of our Entrepreneur Knowledge Series seminars and those interactions have led to this occasion.

There was a great exchange of innovative ideas and an attraction between us and the business community in attendance. The event was engaging, as it was not only an opportunity to educate the community about the Accelerator, but also a chance for us to learn about the community’s needs.

Opportunities like this allow us to take part in transitional innovation – the process by which ideas turn into research and then take shape in the form of a practical application. Interactions like these help us help you.

If you’d like to become a part of this communicative opportunity, please contact us. We’d be glad to visit and engage in innovative conversation.

And remember… We are in business for your business!

Businesses in the HV are thinking outside the box

June 1, 2010

Within an hour following our Entrepreneur Knowledge Series discussion on social media, the Accelerator posted pictures and information from the event on Facebook. They were then picked up by Twitter via our news feed between the two sites. It’s just a simple way of showing how social media can help you get your message out to the right people, and fast.

Last Wednesday, the Accelerator’s multimedia room was packed with dozens of curious businessmen and women looking to take advantage of this coming-of-age technology only recently embraced by the business world. Many companies still don’t know how, or even why, they should utilize social media in their marketing plan, but it’s clear that businesses in the Hudson Valley are catching on.

Guest speakers Josh Sommers and Bill Madden, president and executive vice president, respectively, of Focus Media, a Goshen-based advertising and public relations firm, encouraged companies from all industries to take advantage of these free marketing/PR tools, as social media networks have slowly become personalized news networks for users – a great way to reach target audiences effectively.

As a matter of fact, the discussion was so powerful and enlightening, we’re entertaining the idea of a follow-up event sometime in the near future on the evolving world of social media.

Keep your eyes open for the sequel!