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Orange County Business Accelerator hosts Cloud Computing Seminar

February 25, 2010


OCBA Enterprise Development Director Peter J. Gregory address IT professionals from around Orange County and the Hudson Valley during the Accelerator’s cloud computing seminar Wednesday, Feb. 24. The seminar was part of OCBA’s Entrepreneur Knowledge Series, a set of monthly information sessions targeting cutting edge technology and marketing tools.



From L to R: OCBA Enterprise Development Director Peter J. Gregory, Orange County Commissioner of Information Services John B. McCaffrey and Cloud9 Technology Senior Partner Salman Javed. McCaffrey was among a room full of IT professionals that attended the Accelerator’s cloud computing seminar Wednesday, Feb. 24. The seminar is part of OCBA’s Entrepreneur Knowledge Series, a set of monthly information sessions targeting cutting edge technology and marketing tools.


U.S. Senator Charles Schumer visits Orange County Business Accelerator

February 25, 2010

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, center, meets with Orange County business leaders, employers and job seekers Wednesday, Feb.17 at Orange County Business Accelerator in New Windsor, N.Y. Schumer introduced new legislation that would grant small businesses tax breaks when hiring someone who has been unemployed for more than 60 days. Accelerator Managing Director Michael J. DiTullo, pictured below with the Senator, called the bill “a new direction and great incentive for start-ups and entrepreneurs.”

U.S. Senator’s visit a sign of the Accelerator’s strength

February 22, 2010

We have been touting the competitive advantage and unmatched value the Accelerator provides since we first opened our doors in October. Since then, we’ve launched a marketing campaign to reinforce those ideals. This month, our senior U.S. Senator, the Honorable Charles Schumer, visited our offices during one of his Hudson Valley tours- a true sign of the Accelerator’s strength.

Senator Schumer used the Accelerator as the setting to announce a new tax incentive for small businesses to hire job seekers that have been unemployed for more than 60 days. His choice of the Accelerator as the venue for this important announcement is evidence that word is spreading of Orange County’s bold $1.5 million investment in entrepreneurship and economic development.

So far, four early stage innovators have sought our services. Involved in high-tech sectors, such as renewable energy, health sciences and aquaculture, these firms are projected to employ 60-100 Orange County residents within 36 months. We are also preparing to build out Phase II of the Accelerator, a move that could have us at full occupancy before our 1-year anniversary.

Four months ago, we made a statement to entrepreneurs at our opening, and with the Senator’s blessings, we continue to stand by it. The Accelerator represents the gateway to job growth and wealth creation.

We are the intersection of capital, talent… and innovation.

Monthly business development events add value

February 15, 2010

Every month, we host an Entrepreneur Knowledge Series roundtable discussion or information session that addresses aspects of the business development arena that could prove useful to you.

January’s session was an energy grant seminar that offered municipalities in Orange County fast-track opportunities to apply for U.S. Department of Energy grants early in 2010. Nearly two dozen people – representing planning, engineering and other municipal departments — attended the event. We partnered with Blue Springs, a consultant responsible for millions of dollars in yearly energy grants to municipalities across New York, to offer the seminar free of charge.

This month’s Entrepreneur Knowledge Series event is titled, “Running in the Clouds: What Cloud Computing Can Do for You.” Cloud computing is a new style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet. It is one of the hottest new IT trends in the world.

This event, like others, is designed to help businesses in Orange County, the Hudson Valley and beyond harness the power of networking to address growing business needs and take advantage of the latest industry trends. Future events will focus on topics like patent protection, market research and access to capital.

The Entrepreneur Knowledge Series helps us provide a competitive advantage for our clients and the entire business community. It is our way of advancing business development ideas throughout the entrepreneurial matrix, helping us spread invaluable knowledge of the evolving business world.

Marketing, PR plans tout competitive advantage

February 8, 2010

Three weeks ago, we announced that a strategic marketing plan was in the works. Starting this week, advertisements touting our location and services can be seen in local, regional and national print and online media. We are officially ready for liftoff.

Look for our Entrepreneurs Wanted ad in HV Biz this week, as well as in Entrepreneur Magazine next month. Search the web pages at Mid-Hudson News, Times Herald-Record, and, and you will see our banner ads gleaming with opportunity.

The first wave of ads calls on all entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their business to the next level by utilizing the Accelerator’s competitive advantages. Nowhere else can an entrepreneur with a strong business plan procure the services we provide within the environment and geographical landmarks with which we’ve surrounded ourselves.

The media has consistently played an important role in helping us grow. We have been given exceptional media coverage regarding the services we are now providing Ethan Allen Personnel Group, a staffing and human resources agency looking to draw high-tech green jobs to Orange County. In the past, numerous media outlets have helped us broadcast our message, a sign that our public relations campaign is a rising success.

Don’t expect us to slow down any time soon. We’ll do whatever it takes to convince entrepreneurs throughout the Northeast that our services are incomparable, and we have the resources to give them the competitive advantage in this tough business climate.

Location. Location. Location.

February 1, 2010

The famous phrase has origins dating back to a 1920s real estate classified ad in Chicago. Since then, it has been used by real estate professionals across the globe in marketing plans, including two British brokers who have plucked it for the name of their property-finder reality television program in the UK.

These days, business owners from all walks of commerce are touting location as the best marketing tool in the shed. The Accelerator recognizes that its location is responsible for the tremendous number of inquiries we’ve received from around the country, from California to Georgia.

The selection of our current location – 4 London Ave., Town of New Windsor – was one of most important strategic decisions when we launched the program. We’re just a short walk away from the region’s commercial and passenger portal to the skies, Stewart International Airport. We’re less than a mile from the gates of two great superhighways, I-84 and I-87. In addition, the Accelerator is surrounded by townhouse and private home developments, shopping malls and restaurants.

Geographically, the Accelerator is strategically located at the center of the BosWash corridor, a term coined by sociologists to describe the area between Boston and Washington, D.C. where 70 million people live. From our doorstep, our clients can easily reach 70 million potential consumers, producers, clients and vendors – the largest and richest marketplace in the Western Hemisphere! We chose this terrific location for all of these reasons, and we’ve already secured two clients that have done the same.

We encourage everyone to stop in and pay us a visit. Our location is at the intersection of capital and talent.